Wenhong High Quality Automatic Die Cutting and Creasing Machine

Wenhong High Quality Automatic Die Cutting and Creasing Machine

EXCELCUT series Automatic corrugated board die slicing equipment

>>>  About EXCELCUT

WenHong ExelCut sequence of  automatic die slicing device is geared up with Japan custom made-manufactured feeder to ensure the stabilization and smoothness of sheet feeding. Speed up to 7500sheets/hr and precision inside of .15mm.
We offer three sides stripping and completely stripping as selection. The high precision, reputable functionality and durability  make it a single of the ideal choices for die chopping.


>>>  Specification

Max. Structure 1500x1180mm 1650x1200mm
Min. Format 650x520mm 650x520mm
Max Cut 1480 x 1180 mm 1630 x 1180mm
Material three hundred-1200gsm cardboard, F, E, B, C, A and AB colour corrugated paper board and corrugated board thickness 2 mm to nine mm
Min.Gripping 10mm 10mm
Max. Speed 5500 sheets /hour 5000 sheets /hour
Max. Pressure 400 tons 400 tons
Energy intake 38kw 40kw
Internet Excess weight 34T 36T
Dimension 10700 x 5400 x 2800mm 10700 x 5600 x 2800mm

>>>  Sections

one. feeder

* adopts the special design and style of the front paper technologies devices.
* paper stack damper can be adjusted in accordance with the thickness of the paper.
* instantly modify the left and appropriate facet boards, also can be unbiased position wonderful-tuning.
* choose higher pressure blower, air volume can alter frequency conversion.
* equally sides a a lateral positioning policies (PUSHLAY).
* higher top quality resistant conveyor belt, pressure paper brush can adapt to various thickness of the cardboard.
* innovative phase altering mechanism, can be in the method of procedure, non-end to adjust paper in area of time.
* distinctive design and style of the cardboard to the gauge just before retarding system, to ensure the cardboard paper margin principles ahead of the arrival of top edge clean, to ensure that the die reducing precision.

two. Die Minimize

* turbine crank toggle substantial-precision flat die slicing workbench.
* stationary aircraft with higher precision die-slicing on the workbench.
* die slicing procedure basic safety doorway and plate and frame safety lock method.
* model pneumatic clutch/brake.
* the most current engineering numerous disk CAM intermittent transmission system.
* automatic voltage regulator, lessen the running toughness.
* high precision imported diao paper tooth row of transmission chain.
* eight diao paper tooth row, every single row twelve (imported spring metal sheet) diao paper tooth and tooth pillow.
* the configuration magic eye, mouth and out of the paper inlet paper and paper in vast quick detection.
* die slicing knife plate with central positioning technique, straightforward loading plate quickly.
* electronic fault exhibit screen and pace.
* elements cooling ring back again device for the forced lubrication system oil oil distribution show and fault alarm gadget.


* central positioning program on the stripping box can be installed swiftly blunt needle unit on the mold.
* on the box out using electric powered hoist manage.
* stripping template set employing central positioning technique, easy procedure.
* squander clearance function employing the positioning system it can eliminate the little bit of paper edge in the device at a time.


4. Shipping

Total vehicle learn stacking with one particular standby,person friendly with positions of different kinds

Tag-in Choice

Buffer for gripper stress adjustment

Brush and air to square the batch

Auto lubrication for principal chain

five. CZPT handle technique

CZPTed PLC controls the operation of machine and fault checking system(exhibit display).

CZPTal factors and electrical wiring adopt Western countries’ advanced safety standards.(CE authorized)

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Wenhong High Quality Automatic Die Cutting and Creasing Machine