TIG MIG Mag Pipe Tube Welding Chuck Plate Welding Table Machine

TIG MIG Mag Pipe Tube Welding Chuck Plate Welding Table Machine

Welding positioner can carry, switch and rotate the work piece to make the metal function-piece in the greatest welding place. We generate tilt variety, elevator kind, double column rotary type and other individuals. The welding positioner we made can be matched with welding manipulator to grow to be welding centre, and can also be matched with robotic equipment to recognize automated welding operation.

Welding positioner is typically manufactured of rotary desk, flip mechanism and electrical control system, by means of flipping and rotation of the worktable to manufactured the workpiece mounted to it achieving the desired angle for welding and assembly. Worktable rotary speed is frequency variable pace control kind, and can obtain the ideal welding velocity.
Because of eccentricity and heart of gravity distance, for workpiece that is more time and far more place offset, it is required to decide on slightly bigger versions. CZPT welding positioner can not fulfill all types specifications of workpiece, so when you pick the merchandise, it is needed to offer the workpiece shape and fat, as properly as processing methods, we will give the suitable answer for reference.

The HB collection machine is set type. The doing work desk has self-lock operate.
HB-150 CZPT Parameters:
Max. Loading Excess weight:15000kg
Overturning Velocity:.2rpm, -90°
Rotating Velocity:.015-.15rpm, O-360°
Doing work table in excess of change manner: electrical, with handle pedal.
Size of Operating Table:Φ2000mm
Turning Angle:-90°
Speed Adjustment Way: AC frequency stepless adjustment
Rated load Max Eccentricity:200mm
Rated load Max gravity centre length:400mm
Max Rotating Diameter When 90°:Φ6000mm
Rotating Motor Energy:seven.5kw
Overturning Motor Power:seven.5kw
Electricity:380V/50HZ, 3-section five-wire technique

For specific buyer want and work piece technics need, our manufacturing unit can also design and style and manufacture appropriately.

Service and warranty:
1. check out and acceptance
Acknowledge according to specialized agreements and contract between every other.
two. typical concepts
2.one in accordance to provide scope, give complete and effective documents.
two.2 the gear performs stale and reliable. No deformation, abnormal shake, liquid leak, air leak and electrical power leak. The moving areas like chain, skate board, coupling, main shaft works steadily and exact.
two.3 all the components in the equipment ought to put in correctly and firmly. No outdoors harm, and all the welding seams are in excellent problem, no slag, crack, dent and and so on. The welding seam must be taken out pressure.
2.4 all the pipes and wires, with right joint and dependable joint. They must be organized in buy, appropriate, company and neat. There ought to be required defend, no wrinkle, shrink or cracks and and many others.
2.5 the lubrication program need to perform typically, and the reliable lubrication position is effortless to obtain.
two.six the painting need to be full stuffed, glossy, no paint scarcity, no coloration difference and other faulty phenomenon.
2.7 the identify plate of the equipment is total, clear and the grounding is comply to normal.
three. after the examination and acceptance, the equipment has twelve months guarantee.
And right after the 12 months warranty period of time, we also provide entire lifestyle specialized help and repair services. And offer spare components in reduced rates to user.

forty five times from execution from agreement.

Tracy Yan
Mobile: -151 5223 3338

one three 6 ten 20 thirty 50 eighty a hundred 200
Max. load kg a hundred 300 600 one thousand 2000 3000 5000 8000 10000 20000
rotate pace rpm/min .3-3 .two-two .09-.9 .09-.9 .05-.5 .05-.five .05-.5 .02-.two .02-.2 .02-.2
turning velocity rpm/min by handbook by handbook .42 .four .35 .23 .two .two .two .fifteen
doing work desk turning angle ° -ninety -90 -90 -90 -a hundred and twenty -135 -135 -a hundred thirty five -135 -45-ninety
operating table diameter  mm φ400 φ600 φ1000 φ1200 φ1250 φ1400 φ1500 φ1600 φ2000 φ2500
rotate motor power kW .eighteen .eighteen .seventy five one.one one.1 1.1 1.5 three 3 5.5
turning motor electricity kW / / .75 1.1 1.five 2.2 3 3 four 11
pace adjustment AC frequency converter stepless velocity adjustment
max eccentricity  mm a hundred one hundred fifty a hundred and fifty a hundred and fifty two hundred 200 200 two hundred two hundred two hundred
max distance of gravity centre  mm 200 two hundred 200 200 250 300 three hundred four hundred five hundred 600

TIG MIG Mag Pipe Tube Welding Chuck Plate Welding Table Machine