Solar Panel Manufacturing Small Machine Cutting Solar Cell Pieces

Solar Panel Manufacturing Small Machine Cutting Solar Cell Pieces

photo voltaic panel manufacturing small equipment chopping solar cell items


 Model  SFS-X30  CZPT power  30W
 Scriber precision  ≤±0.1mm  CZPT wavelength 1064nm
 Scriber line width  ≤30μm  CZPT repetition frequency  30KHz~60KHz
 Maximum Scribing velocity  ≤600mm/s   Work system dimensions  180*180mm 
 Power  AC220V/50HZ/two.5KW    
 Cooling approach  Air-cooling
 Work desk  Single gas chamber adverse pressure adsorption



Ideal for crystalline silicon solar cell scribing, high configuration, specialist management computer software, totally free-upkeep, easy to work.

1. High configuration: adopts Raycus personalized fiber laser supply, the beam high quality is better (standard foundation method), the slit is finer (30μm), and the edge is smoother.

two. Free-upkeep: The complete equipment adopts regular modular layout, which is really cost-free-maintenance, steady operation CZPT interruption, and substitution of consumable parts CZPT consumption.

three. Convenient operation: the unit integrates air-cooling configurations, the system is smaller sized and the procedure is easier.

four. Dedicated manage software program: Handle software program designed for laser scribing device, easy to function, can show the scribing path in genuine time.

5. High work performance: highest effectiveness of scribing can get to to 600mm/s.

6. The laser scribing equipment can be geared up with an automated loading and unloading system to elevate the generating performance, preserve labor.  

About production line

We can offer the CZPT full generation line. The engineer can adjust the structure and efficiency of the manufacturing line according to distinct requires of buyers

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Solar Panel Manufacturing Small Machine Cutting Solar Cell Pieces