Small AC Single Phase Electric Motor

Small AC Single Phase Electric Motor

modest ac solitary period electrical motor

Applications: Compressors, refrigerator, remedy equipment and machine tools, and many others.

Attributes: Out-standing functionality of commencing and procedure, low sound, compact proportions and sleek running.

CZPT Description

  • Body measurements: seventy one to 100mm                        
  • Rated output: .twenty five to 3kW
  • Voltage: 220V                                           
  • Frequency: 50Hz 
  • Responsibility cycle: S1                                           
  • Insulation class: B / F
  • Variety of poles: 2,four,6


Body IMB3 IMB14  IMB34 IMB5  IMB35 IMB3
A A/two B C D E F G H K M N P R S T M N P R S T AB AC Advertisement AE High definition L
YL80 125 sixty two.five a hundred 50 19 40 six 15.five eighty ten a hundred eighty a hundred and twenty M8 3 165 a hundred thirty 200 twelve three.five 136 a hundred and forty 109 ninety five a hundred and eighty 250
YL90S 140 70 a hundred 56 24 fifty 8 20 90 10 one hundred fifteen ninety five one hundred forty M8 3 one hundred sixty five one hundred thirty two hundred 12 3.5 one hundred sixty 165 108 a hundred and ten 188 290
YL90L one hundred forty 70 125 fifty six 24 50 eight 20 ninety 10 a hundred and fifteen ninety five a hundred and forty M8 3 a hundred sixty five a hundred thirty two hundred twelve three.five a hundred and eighty one hundred eighty 120 a hundred and twenty 210 315
YL100L 160 80 140 63 28 sixty eight 24 100 12             215 a hundred and eighty 250 fifteen four 205 220 one hundred eighty a hundred and forty 260 430
YL711J 112 fifty six 90 forty five sixteen forty 5 13 seventy one seven 85 70 one zero five M6 3.five a hundred thirty a hundred and ten a hundred and sixty ten 3.5 139 142 109 100 one hundred eighty 265
YL714J 112 fifty six ninety 45 sixteen 40 five thirteen 71 seven eighty five 70 one hundred and five M6 3.5 one hundred thirty 110 a hundred and sixty ten three.five 139 142 109 a hundred one hundred eighty 281

The other dimensions of IMB14, IMB34 and IMB5 are the identical as individuals of IMB3.

Conventional mounting variety and ideal body size are offered in subsequent table(with “√”)

Body Basic Kind Derived Variety
B3 B5 B35 V1 V3 V5 V6 V18 V19 V36 B14 B34
seventy one~80
one hundred

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Small AC Single Phase Electric Motor