Single Drum and Double Drum Wer Magnetic Separator for Magnetic Iorn Ore Concentration

Single Drum and Double Drum Wer Magnetic Separator for Magnetic Iorn Ore Concentration

Single Drum And CZPT Drum Wer Magnetic Separator For Magnetic Iorn Ore Concentration

This series of products is employed in soaked magnetic separation of materials with granularity beneath 3mm like magnetite, pyrrhotine, bake ore and washingtonite…They get rid of contaminants from the solution stream, growing merchandise purity and plant productiveness. In the apps exactly where the product purity is most important the wet drum separators can use potent unusual earth magnets which can remove quite good and weak contaminants even from dense resources.


Moist Magnetic  separator functioning principle :

The pulp flows into mobile body from the pulp box, and under the drinking water stream of the feeding spray pipe, the mineral grain will go into the feeding region of the mobile physique in the free issue. In the magnetic field, the magnetic ore particles will have magnetic collecting and form magnet team or magnet chain which is influenced by the magnetic pressure within the pulp and moves to the magnetic pole and lastly is absorbed on to the cylinder.

Given that the polarity of the magnetic pole along the rotary path of the cylinder is alternately organized and is set during the working method, when the magnet group or magnet chain rotate with the cylinder, it will have magnetic mixing because of to the alternation of the polarity, as a result of which, the non magnetic ore this kind of as gangue mixed up with the magnet group or magnet chain will split away off in the stirring, and the magnet team or magnet chain that is lastly absorbed onto the area of the cylinder is concentrate. The focus rotates to the edge of the magnetic technique exactly where the magnetic force is the weakest alongside with the cylinder, and below the h2o movement of the discharging spray pipe, it will be discharged to the focus chute. If the roller is all magnetic roller, the ore discharging is completed by brush roll. The non magnetic and weak magnetic minerals are retained in the pump and are discharged from the chute with the pulp to turn into tailing.

Positive aspects of wet  magnetic separator
one) Limited magnetic circuit
2) tiny magnetic flux leakage
3) large magnetic depth
4) lower power consumption
five) wonderful beneficiating benefits
6) simple composition and straightforward to maintain

Soaked magnetic separator major technical parameters:

Design Magnetic area power
CTB600X900    1450    8-15   910
  CTB600X1800   1500   15-twenty five   2.2   1340
  CTB750X1800   1550   30-45   3   2050
  CTB900X1800   1650   35-60   4   3000
  CTB1050X2400   1650   60-95   5.five   5571
  CTB1200X3000   1650   80-one hundred fifty   7.five   7800
  CTB1500X3000   1650   120-200   11   9600

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Single Drum and Double Drum Wer Magnetic Separator for Magnetic Iorn Ore Concentration