Powder Coated Security Welded Wire Mesh Fence 50X200X4mm

Powder Coated Security Welded Wire Mesh Fence 50X200X4mm

Wire Mesh Fence

Anti climb mesh fence is also named 358 fence( 3″×0.5″×8 gauge) also identified as”jail mesh”or anti-climb fence,is a special fencing panel,we can make in our city,this production provides the greatest price for performance, durability and visual appeal,”358″comes from its measurements three” x 0.five” x 8 gauge which equates to approx.76.2mm x 12.7mm x 4mm in metric.

Fence netting is also identified as a protecting net. Thanks to regional variances, southern folks are utilised to calling it a fence, even though northern individuals are used to calling it a fence netting.China guardrail community is mostly divided into: backyard garden guardrail network, railway guardrail community, bridge guardrail community, freeway guardrail network, athletics fence, airport fence and so on (use is really broad).In accordance to the sort is divided into: frame guardrail web, triangular bending guardrail internet, bilateral wire guardrail internet, double circle guardrail web, wave guardrail web, stadium guardrail web, blade gill net – guardrail internet, thorn rope guardrail net, PVC coated wire guardrail web and so on (kind diversification).According to the production traits of guardrail internet can be divided into two sorts, one is the welded wire mesh guardrail, the other is a hook fence fence.

Merchandise Group:

According to production qualities can be divided into: Welded wire fence, Chain website link fence, Razor barbed wire fence, Expanded metal fence, and so forth.

one. Welded wire fence through welding device welded iron wire, chilly-dipped galvanized wire and sizzling-dipped galvanized wire, then by bending, spray or PVC, and other techniques made by processing. With the character of corrosion resistance, aesthetic, protective influence. 

2. Chain website link fence weaved by all sort of metal wire by means of chain hyperlink fence equipment, this sort of as, PVC coated wire, galvanized wire, and so on. With the character of robust influence, physical appearance, corrosion resistance, safety.

three. Barbed wire created from large high quality galvanized wire, PVC wire, with the character of straightforward development, great safety.

4. In recent many years, razor barbed wire is a new kind solution for generation and isolation. It utilizes metal wire attached to metallic forming deal (muscle wire) is created earlier mentioned. Sharp knife stab the two lovely and folks do not Haner millet. Following the two-button equipped into the bellows-like, the two gorgeous and great intimidation performed a part

According to makes use of: Railway fence, Bridge fence, Highway fence, Sports activities fence, Airport fence, and so on.

According to style: Body fence, Triangular bending fence, CZPT wire fence, CZPT circle fence, Scalloped fence, and many others.

Mesh Size Fence Top Fence Width Wire Dia mesh  Surface area Treatment method
seventy six.3*twelve.7mm one.5m
1m-3m 4mm Square Hot dipped galvanized
Powder coated following galvanizing


Powder Coated Security Welded Wire Mesh Fence 50X200X4mm