Pharmaceutical Ethanol Solvent Extractor Centrifuge for Hemp Cbd Oil

Pharmaceutical Ethanol Solvent Extractor Centrifuge for Hemp Cbd Oil

Pharmaceutical ethanol solvent centrifugal extractor for hemp CBD oil

The LCE Sequence centrifuges focus on extracting the cannabis and other plant species you require. High-purity extraction of specific crops is proficiently carried out by a programmable touch handle software.

The LCE Collection Centrifuge is an all-in-one method that brings together closed lower temperature alcohol extraction with mechanical centrifugation. With PLC controller and Liquid crystal display contact display, with CZPT/reverse/dehydration capabilities and the capability to established the time and number of cycles, all of which can be programmed according to actual use for more productive separation. The system’s 1-cycle operate time is around ten-15 minutes, guaranteeing high high quality raw extracts in a brief period of time.


  1. ninety eight% plant extraction rate
  2. 97% liquor removing charge
  3. The part in speak to with the resources made of SUS304 or SUS316L, and the area is handled with sanitary quality and no lifeless angle, easy to clear.
  4. The inlet port and outlet port adopt a hygienic fast clamp with a valve.
  5. All seals are sealed with PTFE or fluorine rubber, and the major shaft is double-layer fluorine seal water seal/oil seal.
  6. Explosion evidence motor with 220V 3phase (220V single-section is optional), PLC and touch display handle, frequency conversion manage cupboard.
  7. Equipped with two inlet/intake tubes, one vacuum port with valve, one particular drain port, inlet and outlet port for recirculating chiller.
  8. The cylinder is jacketed sort, can link with recirculating chiller for cooling.
  9. The foundation is outfitted with 4 lifting rings for effortless loading and unloading.
  10. Geared up with 10m cable and control cable, can use it immediately following electrical connection.

Extraction cycle:

The LCE collection centrifuge extractor with three plan cycles: spray wash, stirred wash and spin dry cycle. Each program cycle can be run immediately or manually. The operator hundreds the ground plant materials into a filter bag and spots it in a centrifuge, rotating it at distinct speeds in the system while injecting alcoholic beverages at a managed rate. The centrifuge can also be submerged and stirred in equally instructions to entirely extract the plant substance. After washing, the plant materials is subjected to substantial-pace spin-drying to remove 97% of the residue on the plant substance, and the lively component extraction charge is as high as 98%. The alcoholic beverages wash can be recycled 2-3 moments or directly for additional processing.

one) System loading
Spot the filter bag stuffed with crops into the drum and seal the technique.
two) Cleaning cycle
Decide on the pace and time of CZPT and reverse rotation in the software menu to perform the spray washing procedure.
three) Alcohol filling
A pneumatic pump is employed to go the reduced temperature ethanol through the inlet pipe into the program.
four) Extraction commences
The plant substance in the centrifuge is stirred and washed, and a certain number of two-stage agitation cycles are set, so that 98% of the plant active ingredient can be extracted.
5) Drain Program
Soon after the cleansing cycle is comprehensive, open up the outlet valve venting system. The liquor clean is pneumatically pumped to a ideal reservoir for more processing.
6) Substantial velocity dehydration
Select the “Dehydration” software on the system menu to start off the higher velocity dehydration cycle. Thoroughly dry the alcoholic beverages answer on the soaked plant surface area.


Product LCE-15 LCE-25 LCE-forty five LCE-sixty five LCE-115 LCE-a hundred forty five LCE-250
Ability (L) fifteen twenty five 45 65 a hundred and fifteen a hundred forty five 250
Drum diameter
three hundred three hundred 450 450 600 600 800
Drum top
250 350 300 four hundred four hundred five hundred five hundred
Rotating pace
2000 2000 1500 1500 1250 1250 1100
Motor energy
one.1 1.5 two.two 3 four five.5 11
1100*650*1571 1100*650*1571 1400*850*1080 1400*850*1080 1600*1060*1250 1600*1060*1330 1700*1400*1600
Excess weight
240 260 450 470 one thousand 1030 1350
Motor Explosion proof motor
Manage PLC controller, Lcd contact screen


Pharmaceutical Ethanol Solvent Extractor Centrifuge for Hemp Cbd Oil