Non Woven Fabric Slitting Machine Manufacturer

Non Woven Fabric Slitting Machine Manufacturer

Non-woven cloth Slitting machine
item description
Non-woven material reducing equipment is a variety of mechanical tools that divides extensive-width non-woven cloth, paper, mica tape or movie into several slim-width resources. It is commonly employed in paper producing equipment, wire and cable mica tape and printing and packaging machinery.

1.System parameters

Variety XD-FH1600
Slitting Width twenty-1600mm
Slitting Speed ninety-150m/min
Energy Provide 380V/220V 50Hz
Whole energy 3KW
All round Size 2400x1600x950mm

two. Primary Device Features
1. Cutter use thirty pcs straight knife
two. Feeding and rewinding gadget with three inch air shaft and magnetic powder stress controller.
three. The equipment colour is white and sharpening neatly.
four. CZPT-faced diamond with grinding and sharpening method, the grinding wheel existence is up to two several years. Sharpening CZPT disassemble with long life.
five. CZPTing specific ball screw and slides, paralleled marketing the slicing width, importing AC motor step-less adjustment technique to modify and manage the reducing velocity, large-specific slicing, and the accuracy can be controlled inside .1mm.
6. Can reducing several varieties of width, making the operation far more straightforward and hassle-free
Can cutting numerous types of width, creating the procedure far more easy and handy

The solution has been CE certified.

four.Packaging and supply
• Delivery time: about 15 working times soon after payment.
•package: The packaging of the solution transport approach is the use of environmentally pleasant wooden pallets, properly avoid the intercontinental extended-length transport equipment collision.
• FOB: Ning bo Port


Non Woven Fabric Slitting Machine Manufacturer