Newly Developed High-Frequency Building Small Concrete Vibrating Rod

Newly Developed High-Frequency Building Small Concrete Vibrating Rod

Recently produced high-frequency creating small concrete vibrating rod

Product Introduction:
The working part of the vibrator is a rod-shaped hollow cylinder with an eccentric vibrator inside of, which is rotated at high speed beneath the motor to create substantial-frequency micro-vibration. The vibration frequency can achieve 12000~15000 instances/min.

There is an electromagnetic coil in the electromagnetic vibrator, by way of the electromagnetic
The operating basic principle of the vibrator is demonstrated in the figure
The doing work basic principle of the vibrator is shown in the determine
The current of the coil is a pulse present that is fifty percent-wave rectified. In the constructive 50 percent wave, the present passes, the electromagnet has suction, and the vibrating plate is attracted in the negative half wave, no current passes, the electromagnet suction disappears, and the vibrating plate returns to the first situation thanks to the action of the spring, and provides The coal channel is connected to the vibrating plate, so that underneath the action of the electromagnetic vibrator, the coal channel is continuously vibrated.

one.Created -in micro-sensor ,intelligently perception concrete load and routinely modify proper power 
2.Continuous speed 12000rpm to guarantee substantial compaction performance 
three.Higher-efficiency electric motor with stable speeds
4.Built-in thermal overload security breaker
five.The induction-hardened vibrator head assures large put on resistance
6.No special instruments are needed for changing the vibrator head 


Product MHS-forty MHS-forty five MHS-fifty MHS-60 MHS-65
Dia of vibrator head 40 45 50 sixty 65
Vibrator head length(mm) 350 352 385 395 480
Vibrator head weight(kg) three.5 4. 4.5 6.five eight.5
Vibrating(c/min) 12000 12000 12000 12000 12000
Length of rubber pipe(can custom made-manufactured) one-20M 1-20M one-20M 1-20M 1-20M





Newly Developed High-Frequency Building Small Concrete Vibrating Rod