Made in China 5000UF 500V High Energy Storage Red Capacitor Warranty for 5 Years

Made in China 5000UF 500V High Energy Storage Red Capacitor Warranty for 5 Years

Produced in China 5000uf 500V High Energy Storage Crimson Capacitor Warranty for 5 several years
Merchandise Voltage: 500V
Solution dimensions: 77mm*150mm
Merchandise support temperature: 105 degrees
Item lifestyle: 3000 hrs one hundred and five C

Voltage Capacity Dimension Reduction Angle Tangent Price

Equal series resistance benefit of 5000UF500V 7*one hundred fifty is 100Hz, rated ripple current of 27.9m is 12.0Ams/a hundred and five (?) at twenty (?) C, 100Hz).
Application: Relevant to big industrial power supply, massive machinery, central air conditioning, distribution cupboard and other smart fire patrol digital management cabinet, fire patrol higher frequency control cupboard, ship computerized charging and discharging system, shore voltage stabilization computerized compensation device, UPS ship electricity source gadget, various electrical manage equipment, reduced-voltage program community checking device, battery detection gear, tin paste printing machine, active filter. Wave cupboard.

Breakthrough of Qing quan CZPT Technology: The firm has applied for 3 patents for creation and 3 patents for electricity factor correction capacitors, which includes aluminium electrolytic capacitors for demand and discharge, aluminium electrolytic capacitors for huge ripple resistance, and aluminium electrolytic capacitors. The quality of merchandise exceeds that of foreign counterparts. one. The radial aluminium foil with massive holes created by us can stand up to substantial recent and charge and discharge more rapidly simply because of its big and thick framework. The existing can enter and exit the holes instantaneously and the heat of capacitors is extremely little throughout charging and discharging method. 2. The distinctive technology of exterior mounted warmth dissipation and ion conduction has been developed. three. The reaction of meteorological nano-scale carbon dioxide complexing agent and phosphoric acid pump ether lipid OPP10. four. The software of the latest chemical components this kind of as ammonium dodecanoate five. The electrolyte of branched-chain ammonia salts and surface area complexing agents of nano-materials has been created by synthesizing international capacitance design concepts.

Prospective: According to industry analysis, Yomi Takahashi occupies a quite important place in the field of welding. In the discipline of vitality storage welding machines, we can give winches for your organization.

Quickly charging and discharging capacitors, I think: our items will be very first-class good quality, sensible cost, outstanding service and give power storage welding equipment for your business.

The company ranks 1st in the income of aluminium electrolytic capacitors. It produces and sells about a hundred and twenty million varieties of aluminium electrolytic capacitors (little direct sort 1000000, welding variety 35000 000, bolt type one million) each thirty day period, of which 45% are bought in China, 55% are exported to the United States, Germany, Japan and Korea. A. Western nations around the world such as Russia.

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Freight transportation
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two. For case in point: Itley, Spain, France, Iran and so on.
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Made in China 5000UF 500V High Energy Storage Red Capacitor Warranty for 5 Years