Long Life Hydraulic Gear Motor OMR Hydraulic Motor

Long Life Hydraulic Gear Motor OMR  Hydraulic Motor

                  Blince OMR125 hydraulic motor change Danfoss OMR50 151-0403

Blince OMR collection motor are tiny quantity, cost-effective type, which is made with shaft distribution movement,Which adapt the Gerotor equipment set layout and supply compact quantity, higher power and reduced fat.

Attribute functions:
* Advanced manufacturing devices for the Gerotor equipment set, which supply modest quantity, substantial efficiency and long lifestyle.
* Shaft seal can bear substantial force of motor of which can be utilized in parallel or in sequence.
* Advanced development design and style, high electricity and minimal fat.

Item Demonstrate:

Main Specification:

OMR Max torque (N.m) Speed Variety (rpm) Max strain(MPA) Max circulation(L/min) Max power         (Kw)
OMR-36 50 one hundred-1030 fourteen forty five eight.5
OMR-fifty 70 80-820 fourteen 50 nine.five
OMR-80 120 60-600 16 sixty twelve.five
OMR-one hundred 170 50-480 sixteen sixty thirteen
OMR-one hundred twenty five 220 50-390 16 60 12.5
OMR-a hundred and sixty three hundred 50-three hundred 16 60 twelve.five
OMR-200 360 40-240 sixteen sixty 11
OMR-250 460 thirty-one hundred seventy 16 60 ten
OMR-315 480 twenty-120 14 60 nine
OMR-four hundred 410 20-one hundred ten 10 sixty seven.5

OMR Purchase imformation:

OMR Sequence Orbital CZPT Motor
Model OMR36,50,eighty,a hundred,a hundred twenty five,a hundred and sixty,200,250,315,four hundred
Mounting Flange: two Flange: 2 bolts Ø 13.five Rhomb-flange, pilot Ø 82.5× eight
4 Flange: 4 bolts Ø 13.5 Rhomb-flange, pilot Ø 82.5*8                                 
H4 Flange: 4 bolts 3/8-sixteen Sq.-flange, pilot Ø 44.4× 2.8
H5 Flange: 4 bolts M10 Sq.-flange, pilot Ø 44.4× two.eight
Output Shaft: A Shaft: Shaft Ø 25, parallel essential 8X7X32
B Shaft: Shaft Ø 32, parallel crucial 10X8X45
C Shaft: Shaft Ø 25.four, parallel important six.35X6.35X31.seventy five
E Shaft: Shaft Ø 25.4, splined tooth SEA 6B
R Shaft: Limited shaft Ø 25.4, parallel key6.35X6.35X31.75
F Shaft: Shaft Ø 31.75, splined tooth fourteen-DP12/24
FD Shaft: Extended shaft Ø 31.75, splined tooth14-DP12/24
G Shaft: Shaft Ø 31.75, parallel essential 7.96X7.96X31.75
T Shaft: Cone shaft Ø 28.fifty six, parallel essential B5X5X14
Port and drain port: D port: G1/2 Manifold Mount 4× M8, G1/four
M port: M22× 1.5 Manifold Mount 4× M8, M14× one.five
S port: 7/8-14 O-ring manifold 4X5/sixteen-18UNC, seven/sixteen-20UNF
P port: one/2-fourteen NPTF Manifold 4X5/sixteen-18UNC, seven/16-20UNF  
R port: PT(RC)one/two Manifold 4xM8, PT(RC)1/4
Rotary direction CZPT
Other Specific function

Connected Goods:
BLINCE hydraulic motor can substitue for:  
Sauer-Danfoss orbit motor  OML/ OMM/OMP/ OMR/ OMH/ OMEW/ OMS/ OMT/ OMV
White orbit motor  WP/WG/WR/RS/DR/RE/CE/HB/WS/D9 collection
Parker orbit motor  OMP/TC/TB/TE/TH/TF/TL/TG/OMS/OMT
Eaton Char Lynn orbit motor  J/JH/JS/2K/6K/J6K/10K
M+S orbit motor  MLHM/MP/MR/MH/MS/MT/MV
SAM orbit motor  BG/BR/BS/AR/HR/HT
CZPT orbit Motor  BG Series
Japen OPN ORB-GS Collection

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Long Life Hydraulic Gear Motor OMR  Hydraulic Motor