Ie3 High Efficiency AC Motor Ye3-250m-6-37kw

Ie3 High Efficiency AC Motor Ye3-250m-6-37kw

YE3 are the higher-efficiency series developed by our business by combing many several years of ordeals in the manufacturing of specific motors of our organization and ZheJiang CZPTal Apparatus Analysis Institute, and adopting new systems, processes and resources, in line with the most recent strength performance fee specifications in IEC60034-thirty & GB/T186~13 0571 88828 13858117778-2012 and in accordance with “Take a look at Dedication for Rotating Motor’s Loss and Effectiveness” in the 2nd part of IEC60034-two Rotating Motor. Adopting a squirrel-cage structure and insulation course F, the series has such advantages as reputable operation and routine maintenance usefulness, whose mounting dimension and electrical power level the two fulfill expectations of IEC.  

Rated electrical power:two.two~315KW
Rated voltage: 380V/415V/690V
Reference frequency: 50Hz/60HZ
Cooling mode: IC411
Insulation class: F
Safety course: IP54/IP55
Environment temperature: -15ºC~40ºC
Altitude: no more than one,000m
Connection mode: Y-relationship for the ones with a electricity of 3kW or underneath △-link for the ones with a power of 4kW or above
Standard structural kind: B3, B5, B35, B14, B34
Nominal Minimum Vitality Efficiency Requirement for Power Performance of IE2/IE3 Motor (50Hz)


Electrical power

Number of poles
two four six 2 4 six
.75 77.four seventy nine.6 75.9 eighty two.five seventy eight.9
1.1 seventy nine.six eighty one.four seventy eighty two.7 84.1 eighty one.
1.5 eighty one.three eighty two.8 seventy nine.eight 84.2 eighty five.three eighty two.five
2.two 83.two eighty four.3 81.8 85.nine 84.3
three eighty four.six eighty five.5 eighty three.three 87.1 87.7 85.six
four 85.eight 86.six eighty four.six 88.six 86.8
5.5 87. 86. 89.two 89.6 88.
seven.5 88.1 87.2 90.4 89.1
11 89.four 89.8 88.7 ninety one.2 ninety one.4 90.3
15 90.3 ninety.six ninety one.9 ninety two.1 91.two
eighteen.five ninety.nine 91.2 90.four 92.four ninety two.6 ninety one.7
22 ninety one.3 91.six 90.nine 93. 92.two
30 ninety two. 92.three ninety three.three ninety three.6 ninety two.nine
37 ninety two.5 92.2 ninety three.9 93.three
forty five 92.9 ninety three.1 92.7 94. 94.2
fifty five ninety three.2 93.5 ninety three.1 94.3 94.6
seventy five ninety three.8 ninety four. ninety ninety 95. ninety four.six
ninety ninety ninety four.2 ninety four. 95. ninety five.2 ninety four.9
a hundred and ten 94.three 94.5 ninety four.three ninety five.two ninety five.4 95.1
132 94.six ninety four.7 ninety four.six ninety five.four 95.six 95.4
one hundred sixty 94.eight ninety four.nine 94.eight 95.6 ninety five.eight 95.six
200~375 95. ninety five. ninety five.8 ninety six. ninety five.eight

Nominal Minimal Vitality Performance Necessity for Strength Efficiency of IE2/IE3 Motor (60Hz)

Quantity of poles
2 four 6 2 four six
.75 75,five * eighty two,five eighty, 77, * eighty five,five 82,five 82,five 84, eighty five,5 84, 86,five 87,5
one.five eighty four, eighty four, 86,five 85,5 86,5 88,5
2.two eighty five,5 87,five 87,five 86,five 89,five 89,five 87,five 87,five 87,5 88,5 89,5 89,5
five.five 88,five 89,5 89,5 89,five 91,7 91,
seven.five 89,5 89,five 89,five 90,2 ninety one,7 91,
11 90,2 91, 90,two ninety one, ninety two,4 ninety one,7
fifteen ninety,2 91, ninety,two ninety one, 93, ninety one,7
18.five ninety one, 92,four 91,seven ninety one,7 ninety three,6 ninety three,
22 91, ninety two,4 91,7 ninety one,seven ninety three,6 93,
thirty ninety one,seven 93, ninety three, ninety two,4 94,one ninety four,1
37 92,four 93, 93, ninety three, 94,five 94,one
45 ninety three, ninety three,six 93,six 93,6 ninety five, ninety four,5
55 ninety three, 94,one ninety three,6 ninety three,6 ninety five,4 ninety four,5
75 ninety three,six 94,five ninety four,1 ninety four,1 ninety five,4 95,
ninety 94,five 94,five 94,1 ninety five, 95,4 ninety five,
one hundred ten ninety four,5 95, ninety five, ninety five, ninety five,eight ninety five,eight
one hundred fifty ninety five, ninety five, ninety five, 95,four ninety six,2 95,8
185 up to 375 95,four 95, ** ninety five, 95,eight ninety six,two ninety five,8

1. Novel style
2. Superb starting overall performance
three. Substantial starting torque
4. Minimal noise
5. Minor vibration
6. Safe procedure
7. Simple routine maintenance

Principal procedure circulation of the motor
Motor stator: casing processing → punching press → iron main seating → coil making → weaving → dipping paint drying
Digital rotor: blank shaft processing → iron main press set up → iron core solid aluminum → rotor string shaft → weave → dipping paint drying → dynamic stability
Motor assembly: stator rotor assembly → equipment check → motor visual appeal coloring → packaging storage

The motor items made by our organization have attained the CZPT high quality administration management technique certification, passed the CCC/COC, China power-saving solution certification, and handed the certification certificates of CE/UL/IRIS/CAS and other CZPTpean and American countries. The company strictly increases the high quality and effective motor merchandise and services for end users in stringent accordance with the needs of related product expectations.

The motor goods made and marketed by our firm are used in several industries, this sort of as electrical power, mining, metal metallurgy, petrochemical, h2o conservancy, transportation, creating components and many other industries. The tools for the motor is pump, device resource, fan, mill, crusher, rolling mill, compressor and many other industrial gear.


Ie3 High Efficiency AC Motor Ye3-250m-6-37kw