G-Gradeu1, U2, U3 Studless Anchor Chain, High Test Open Link Chain, Fishing Chain

G-Gradeu1, U2, U3 Studless Anchor Chain, High Test Open Link Chain, Fishing Chain

1&rpar Product Description&colon

Open Link Anchor Chain&solStudless Anchor Chain


Open up Url Anchor Chain&solStudless Anchor Chain &commaLink size &lpar6×3&period6D&rpar &commaTest Load And Excess weight


CHAIN Website link Measurement

U1 Open Url CHAIN

U2 Open Website link CHAIN

U3 Open Url CHAIN

Excess weight








1&sol2 12&period5 seventy five forty five 28&period75 57&period81 41&period20 eighty two&period60 56&period40 112&period80 eighty five&period41
9&sol16 14 eighty four fifty&period4 34&period78 sixty nine&period93 51&period00 one hundred and one&period90 70&period76 141&period51 106&period55
five&sol8 sixteen ninety six 57&period6 forty seven&period10 ninety four&period72 66&period20 132&period30 ninety two&period42 184&period83 139&period43
eleven&sol16 seventeen&period5 a hundred and five 63 56&period35 113&period31 seventy eight&period89 157&period78 110&period55 221&period10 178&period35
three&sol4 19 114 68&period4 sixty six&period42 133&period57 ninety three&period60 187&period20 one hundred thirty&period32 260&period64 217&period68
13&sol16 20&period5 123 seventy three&period8 seventy seven&period33 155&period49 108&period64 217&period27 151&period70 303&period42 229&period14
7&sol8 22 132 seventy nine&period2 89&period06 179&period08 one hundred twenty five&period40 250&period90 174&period40 349&period40 264&period49
fifteen&sol16 24 144 86&period4 a hundred and five&period98 213&period25 149&period90 298&period90 207&period90 415&period80 341&period82
one-one&sol16 26 156 93&period6 124&period38 250&period12 one hundred seventy five&period40 350&period80 244&period00 488&period00 369&period94
1-1&sol8 28 168 100&period8 a hundred and forty four&period26 290&period08 203&period80 406&period70 283&period00 566&period00 427&period04
one-three&sol16 30 a hundred and eighty 108 a hundred sixty five&period60 333&period00 234&period20 467&period50 324&period90 649&period80 490&period98
1-1&sol4 32 192 115&period2 188&period42 378&period88 265&period60 531&period20 369&period60 739&period30 559&period65
one-5&sol16 34 204 122&period4 212&period70 427&period72 299&period90 599&period80 417&period30 834&period60 671&period52
one-seven&sol16 36 216 129&period6 238&period46 479&period52 336&period10 672&period30 467&period80 935&period70 707&period85
one-1&sol2 38 228 136&period8 265&period70 534&period28 374&period40 748&period70 521&period30 1042&period50 788&period98
one-nine&sol16 forty 240 one hundred forty four 294&period40 592&period00 414&period50 829&period10 577&period60 1155&period20 869&period36
1-five&sol8 42 252 151&period2 324&period58 652&period68 457&period70 915&period30 636&period80 1273&period60 959&period30
one-three&sol4 forty four 264 158&period4 356&period22 716&period32 502&period70 999&period60 698&period90 1398&period00 1111&period25
1-13&sol16 46 276 165&period6 389&period34 782&period92 548&period80 1097&period60 763&period90 1527&period80 1152&period07
one-seven&sol8 48 288 172&period8 423&period94 852&period48 597&period80 1195&period60 831&period70 1663&period50 1256&period26
2 fifty 300 180 460&period00 926&period09 648&period80 1239&period60 902&period50 1805&period00 1360&period41
2-1&sol16 52 312 187&period2 497&period54 one thousand&period48 697&period63 1395&period26 976&period14 1952&period28 1485&period61
2-one&sol8 54 324 194&period4 536&period54 1078&period92 752&period33 1504&period66 1052&period68 2105&period36 1648&period08
2-3&sol16 fifty six 336 201&period6 577&period02 1160&period32 809&period09 1618&period18 1132&period10 2264&period20 1715&period97
2-five&sol16 58 348 208&period8 618&period98 1244&period68 867&period91 1735&period82 1214&period40 2428&period80 1844&period50
2-3&sol8 sixty 360 216 662&period40 1332&period00 928&period80 1857&period60 1299&period60 2599&period20 1973&period29
2-7&sol16 sixty two 372 223&period2 707&period30 1422&period28 991&period75 1983&period50 1387&period68 2775&period36 2101&period56
two-1&sol2 sixty four 384 230&period4 753&period66 1515&period52 1056&period77 2113&period54 1478&period66 2957&period32 2298&period47
two-9&sol16 sixty six 396 237&period6 801&period50 1611&period72 1123&period85 2247&period70 1572&period52 3145&period04 2398&period10
2-11&sol16 sixty eight 408 244&period8 850&period82 1710&period88 1192&period99 2385&period98 1669&period26 3338&period52 2522&period88
two-three&sol4 70 420 252 901&period60 1813&period00 1264&period20 2528&period40 1768&period90 3537&period80 2697&period65

2&rpar Main Informations&colon

one&periodProduction Process&colon

Cutting Bar Δ Heating Δ Bending Δ Welding Δ Trimming Δ Stud SettingΔ Heat Treatment Δ Proof&Breaking

Load Test ΔShot Blasting Δ Surface Finished Δ Packing

two&periodFitting&colonKenter Shackle&commaJoining Shackle&commaSwivel Shackle Type A&commaSwivel Shackle Type B&commaAnchor shackle

three&periodThe main material of anchor chain is Manganese Steel&time period

four&periodThe Measure Strength of Anchor Chain

Size is the diameter of chain ring&commastrength is on the basis of common link&commathe unit of standard 

length is shackle&comma1shackle&equals27&period5 meter&period


Product Name

Open Website link Anchor Chain &sol Studless Anchor Website link Chain 
Hyperlink Framework Stud Chain and Studless Chain
Surface Spraying &solBlack Painted&comma Galvanized&commaHot-dip Galvanized 
Technological innovation Welding&commaForging&casting
Material  U1&colon CM370 &sol U2&colonCM490&sol U3&colonCM690 
Dimensions 1&sol2” To 2-three&sol4”
Grade  U1-U3
Employing for linking to anchor and ship&commatransfering and buffering the exterior forces 

three&rpar&time period Manufacture & Export &colon

Expert Producer & Exporter of varieties of link chain  from 2002&period of time

ASTM Machine Chain-Straight Website link&comma ASTM Coil Chain-Staight Website link&comma Twist Chain&commaASTMGrade thirty Evidence Coil

Chain&comma ASTM G43 Substantial Examination Chain&commaASTM G70 Transport Chain&commaNACM eighty four&sol90 CZPT&solDIN766 regular&sol

DIN 763 Long hyperlink chain&solDIN 764 Link chain&interval

four&rpar &periodService Assurance 

one&periodCZPT quality

Excellent hardware solution processing business&periodFocus on hardware Producing from2002&comma

supplying high top quality hardware products to consumers&period of time

two&periodCompetitive price tag

Minor Profit&comma Extended-phrase and Secure cooperation &period of time

Hope our minor income Win steady and long time period cooperation&period of time

three&periodPrompt supply

Near to Qing Dao Port and Liuting CZPT airport &commavery convenient for transportation &period

four&periodGood reputation  

If there is Top quality Difficulty &comma we will bear total accountability&period

All demand in our facet&interval

5&periodFree Samples for offered if needed &period of time

6&periodAccepting Selected Inspections from client if essential &period of time

seven&periodAll questions can be reply inside of 4 hours timely  by professional  income &period

five&rpar FAQ&colon

1&period of time Is OEM CZPT&quest  

Indeed&comma OEM is CZPT&period We have professional designer to aid your brand promotion&period

2&interval How can I get a sample to check high quality&quest

After cost affirmation&comma you can demand for samples for check &interval

three&interval Are the goods examined before shipping&quest

Sure&comma all of our items were  qualified just before delivery&period

4&period of time What is your good quality assure&quest

We have different kindsof products which can meet up with different top quality normal&time period

CZPT QC division will teset items before shipping&period of time

Have a hundred&percnt top quality assure and will be responsible for any quality issue&time period

5&period of time How about the shipping and delivery time&quest

Count on  products and the amount&time period But generally 50-80Ton is about one month&period

six&period of time What’s reward will you provide&quest

Your client happy on the quality&period

Your client ongoing orders&period

You can get excellent track record from your market place and obtain more orders&interval

Very good Reputation is much far more CZPTant than CZPT&period of time

QingDao CZPT Rigging CZPT is the greatest decision&excl

G-Gradeu1, U2, U3 Studless Anchor Chain, High Test Open Link Chain, Fishing Chain