Dragon Glass 9 Spindle Motors Flat Glass Straight-Line Edging Grinding Polishing Processing Machine

Dragon Glass 9 Spindle Motors Flat Glass Straight-Line Edging Grinding Polishing Processing Machine


DGEM9 Glass Straight-line Edging Processing Machine


1.beams and motor carriages are utilized by boosting large-quality castings, strong and steady human body.
two.Base, uprights used by high-high quality castings, robust and steady bodies.
3.Senior special energy-conserving motors, sophisticated turbine gearbox 
4.Schneider brand electrical equipment for option.
five.2.2KW big assortment pace governor makes transmission a lot more durable.
six. Chain transfer, sturdy square tube frame can load large responsibility glass to procedure.
7. The diamond wheel and resin wheel adopts with Chinese brand name the bottom and arris polishing wheel with import 10S40, the polishing impact is equivalent to mirror floor
eight.NO.9 can be adopts with wool felt wheel operating with cerium oxide or SD001 for sprucing flat edge

nine. This device can accord customer’s requirements to design.



  1. For flat glass straight line edging, corner and bottom edge grinding & polishing accomplished at a single time.
  2. All principal components are cast iron and annealing remedy, the equipment is much better and secure.
  3. Felt wheel polishing & digital display & pneumatic sprucing is optional.

CZPT Parameters:

Min dimensions glass: 80 x 80 mm Electrical power: 19 KW
Glass thickness: 3 – 25 mm Weight: 2700 KGS
Approach velocity: one – 6 m/min Dimension: 6.8 x one x two.five M

Wheels exhibit:

Spindle:  NO.9 NO.eight NO.7 NO.6 NO.five NO.four NO.3 NO.2 NO.one
Wheel SD001 polishing  10S40 Resin wheel  10S40 for chamfering Resin wheel for rear chamfering 10S40 for chamfering Resin wheel for entrance chamfering  Diamond Diamond


  1. Glass thickness adjustment (Digital Display / PLC control for choice)

Glass thickness adjusts by manage, glass thickness exhibiting on the meter, few seconds can be finished the thickness adjustment.

two. Chain transfer method (Metallic pads and Timing belt for alternative)
Chain conveyor & sound type entrance pads, excellent for huge dimension and hefty glass.

The assistance adopting fluency strips, the glass will go via much more fluency and steady.
At the front and end of the rail guidebook, there is a glass holder that can turn to maintain the glass and make it shift very easily.

three. Lubrication method & Foot kick crisis button & H2o pump electrical power source

Lubrication system, pull the oil pump the lubricating oil will arrive to each slider (motors base & rail information foundation) and the rail information, it will get sustain and lengthier existence.
Foot kick emergency button, when assembly some crisis problem, apart from the crisis button that on the handle panel, you can use your foot to kick it to make the equipment end.
The h2o pump electricity plug also adopting a watertight 1 to insure its security.


four. Forged iron & stainless metal screws

All screws and nuts are stainless metal ones.

The equipment base & rail guide & motors base all are cast metal and annealing treatment, it truly is tough and will not bend, the foundation thickness reaches to 30mm after processing.

five.Inlet and outlet system

Inlet and outlet pipes adopting PVC material, and the joint is removable which is effortless for maintain.

Drinking water tank with wheels and h2o valve so it truly is really simple to trade water.

The outlet facet of the sink has set up brushes & rubber to very clear the water, and under the rail manual has mounted a sink to acquire the water, so water will not arrive to the gearbox and flooring, etc..

six. CZPT components adopting Schneider / DELIXI brand.

All wires with lug for guaranteeing electrical safety, and all wires with mark to match every single elements so that it’s easy to preserve.

7. Motors and Wheels (ABB motors for option)
Adopting expert edging motors, motors are secure and peaceful.
5 wheels (motors / spindle) for bottom grinding & polishing
4 wheels (motors / spindle) for entrance & again chamfering

eight. The photograph of Glass complete edging


Dragon Glass, skilled, tough, and innovation, often provides you to the brilliant edge.


Dragon Glass 9 Spindle Motors Flat Glass Straight-Line Edging Grinding Polishing Processing Machine