CE 50Hz 60Hz 2POLE 4P IE2 IE3 Y2 Y YB2 YEJ YVP YCT YC YL MS NEMA High Power Induction Electric Motor IP55 For Fan Blower Compressor Pump Gearbox

CE 50Hz 60Hz 2POLE 4P IE2 IE3 Y2 Y YB2 YEJ YVP YCT YC YL MS NEMA High Power Induction Electric Motor IP55 For Fan Blower Compressor Pump Gearbox

YC sequence motors are absolutely enclosed supporter cooled(TEFC) large-duty one-period induction motors.The mounting dimension is totally comformed with IEC standard.When rated output is 3HP or below,motors and of capacitors start,and 4HP or previously mentioned with capacitor start off and run.YC collection motors are integrated with up-to date layout,greatest good quality materies construction,and have the functions of pleasurable-looking appearance,fantastic efficiency,simple maintenance.They also focus the edge of high starting torque,sleek turning,reduced temperature increase,low sound and excellent overload efficiency.YC collection motors are appropriate for powering tiny sort drilling machines and drinking water pumps,particularly for loved ones workshops exactly where only one-phase current provide is CZPT.
Operating Situations:
Ambient temperature:-15ºC< θ<40ºC
Altitude:Not exceeding 1000m 
Rated voltage:220V
Rated frequency:50HZ/60HZ
Protection class:IP44/IP54
Insulation Class:ClassB/F
Cooling strategy:ICO141

CZPT Knowledge:

Type Output Voltage
Tstart/Tn Lst/Ln Torque
YC80a-2 1/two .37 220 three.7 2880 sixty two .73 two.8 6.five one.8
YC80b-2 3/four .55 220 5.three 2880 sixty five .73 two.eight six.5 1.eight
YC80c-two 1 .75 220 6.seven 2880 sixty eight .seventy five two.eight 6.5 1.eight
YC90S-2 1.5 one.one 220 9.one 2880 seventy one .seventy seven 2.four 7. one.8
YC90L-2 2 one.5 220 12.one 2900 seventy two .seventy eight two.four seven. 1.8
YC100L-2 3 two.two 220 17.1 2900 74 .seventy nine 2.one seven. 1.eight
YC112M1-2 four three 220 21.four 2900 76 .84 two.two 7. one.8
YC112M2-2 five 3.7 220 24.8 2900 seventy nine .86 two.two 7. 1.8
YC80a-four 1/three .twenty five 220 three.four 1450 fifty six .60 two.eight 6 one.8
YC80b-2 1/2 .37 220 four.5 1450 sixty .sixty two two.eight six one.8
YC80c-two 3/4 .fifty five 220 6. 1450 sixty four .65 2.eight six one.eight
YC90S-4 one .seventy five 220 seven.seven 1450 67 .66 two.four six.five 1.eight
YC90L-4 1.5 1.1 220 ten.5 1450 70 .68 2.4 6.five 1.eight
YC100L-four two one.5 220 thirteen.5 1450 seventy two .70 2.four six.five 1.eight
YC112M-four three 2.2 220 19.3 1450 72 .72 2.2 six.5 1.eight
YC132SA-four four 3 220 25.two 1450 74 .73 two.1 6.5 1.8
YC132SB-4 five three.7 220 30 1450 seventy five .74 two.1 six.5 one.eight
YC132M-4 7.5 5.5 220 32.5 1450 81 .ninety five 2.1 6.five one.eight

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YC/YCL/MC Series One Stage Capacitor start off Asynchronous Motor is suited for air compressor,pump and the equipment necessitating high startting torque. series motors are with larger  requiring substantial startting torque. collection motors are with larger  startingtorque,outstanding doing work efficiency,little size,light-weight fat and handy  maintenance.

Body pole Velocity volt frequency defense Insulation class Winding wire
eighty-132 2  4 1450rpm,2900rpm 110v,115v,220v,230v,240v 50hz,60hz ip44,ip54,ip55 B,F copper wire

 Production processing:



  • High starting up torque Low sounds
  • Power assortment:.eighteen-five.5kw
  • Body range:sixty three-132
  • Support aspect:1.15
  • Rated Volt:110V,120V 220V 230V  240V 380v,400v,415v,440v,575v,660v,690v.
  • Velocity range:2p/3000rpm,4p/1500rpm,
  • CZPT and Frame housing:TEFC. Forged iron,Aluminum,
  • Junction box equipped with robust glands
  • Motors offered with CE mark
  • Safety class:IP44 IP54,IP55
  • Thermal protector:Of course
  • Ambient Temperature:-15°C~40°C
  • Altitude:Not exceed 1000m
  • Frequency ragen:50Hz,60Hz
  • Insulation course: F,  H
  • Temprature riseB
  • Duty S1
  • Mount sort:
  • B3(toes mount), B5(Massive flange mount),C face/B14(modest flange mount), 
  • V1(conclude shield with flange)


  • .


Pre-sales support: 
•We are a revenue group, with all specialized assistance from engineer team.
•We price each and every inquiry despatched to us, make certain swift competitive offer in 24 several hours.
•We cooperate with buyer to layout and build the new merchandise. Provide all necessary doc.

Soon after income service:
•We respect your feed again soon after receive the motors.
•We give one-two years warranty after receipt of motors..
•We promise all spare components CZPT in lifetime use.
•We loge your complain inside of 24 hrs.


CE 50Hz 60Hz 2POLE 4P IE2 IE3 Y2 Y YB2 YEJ YVP YCT YC YL MS NEMA High Power Induction Electric Motor IP55 For Fan Blower Compressor Pump Gearbox