B063 C063 D063 E063 F063 G063 S063 T063 Slurry Pump Lantern Ring

B063   C063  D063   E063   F063   G063   S063   T063 Slurry Pump Lantern Ring

B063 / C063/ D063 / E063 / F063 / G063 / S063 / T063 Slurry Pump Lantern Ring

Naipu® factory of slurry pump , gravel sand pump , dredging pump and spare elements.

The Pumps and CZPT Components can entirely interchange with AH HH M L SP AF G Series.

Title: Slurry Pump Lantern Ring
Elements Code:B063 / C063/ D063 / E063 / F063 / G063 / S063 / T063
                       B118 / C118/ D118 / E118 / F118 / G118 / S118 / T118
Substance: C21, C23, SS304, P50 

Naipu Main Pump Model 

Metal Liner Heavy Duty Slurry Pump AH Variety

one.5/1B-AH 2/one.5B-AH three/2C-AH four/3C-AH four/3D-AH six/4D-AH six/4DD-AH six/4E-AH 8/6E-AH 8/6F-AH 10/8ST-AH 10/8F-AH 12/10ST-AH twelve/10G-AH 12/10F-AH fourteen/12ST-AH 14/12G-AH 16/14TU-AH 20/18TV-AH

Steel Liner Vertical Slurry Pump SP TYPE 

40PV-SP 65QV-SP 100RV-SP 150SV-SP 200SV-SP 250SV-SP

Steel Liner Substantial CZPT slurry pump HH TYPE 

1.five/1C-HH three/2nd-HH three/2DD-HH four/3E-HH four/3EE-HH 6/4F-HH six/4x- HH 6S-H eight/6S-H eight/6X-H 6S-HP eight/6S-HP eight/6X-HP

Steel Liner (Rubber Liner)Slurry Pump M TYPE 

10/8E-M(R) 10/8R-M(R)

Metal Liner (Rubber Liner)Frothy Slurry Pump AF TYPE 


Metallic Liner Gravel Pump G TYPE 

six/4D-G 8/6E-G 10/8F-G 10/8S-G twelve/10F-G 12/10G-G fourteen/12G-G 10/8S-GH ten/8F-GH twelve/10G-GH 12/10F-GH  14/12G-G fourteen/12T-G eighteen/16 T-G 

Metallic Liner (Rubber Liner ) Slurry Pump L TYPE 

20A-L 50B-L 50B-LR 75C-L 100D-L 150E-L 300S-L

Main Pump element:

Impeller, Volute liner, Throat bush, frame plate liner insert, frame plate, cover plate, expeller, Expeller ring, gland assembly, foundation, shaft sleeve, stuffing box, bearing assembly, alter screw, clamp washer, bolt, stop go over, labyrinth, keeper plate, shaft spacer

OEM ( Original Tools Manufacture)Service 

Naipu also can provide different spare areas according to the drawing or sample.

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B063   C063  D063   E063   F063   G063   S063   T063 Slurry Pump Lantern Ring