Automatic Powder Painting Robot for Powder Coating Line

Automatic Powder Painting Robot for Powder Coating Line


Automated Powder Spraying Robotic/Reciprocator

Automated powder spraying robotic/reciprocator plays a great role in automatic powder coating line. It ususlly perform with controller cabinet, automated powder coating guns. 
Automatic robot/reciprocator for powder coating or liquid painting.

We offer the most technologically advanced powder coating gear CZPT on the entire world market”

This product automated reciprocator can hold two-6pcs gun at most

CZPTed japanese elements ensure the high quality

Overall performance: 
Dynamic elements are manufactured from top brand worm reduction gear ,with the precision sort sensor , the machine can be transferring stably beneath the high speed.

Speed alter department use the Mitsubishi model inverter,this inverter is trustworthy and adaptable with the microprocessor manage and  IGBT engineering .The inverter and electric powered equipment are safeguarded well by the excellent protect technique. 

Mechanical parts use eight wheels , the wheels embrace the metal tube tightly from the four course and shift by the function of the chains. The chains are make of special substance, transferring steady, small noise, reduced use and so on  . 
Gun rod and gripper are created of aluminum, it is mild, moving stably and gorgeous. 

The reciprocator shifting pace is .08m/2nd ~.8m/2nd can be adjusted .The stroke is one.5m,2.1m,2.8m,it also can be purchased according to the buyers ask for.

Layout Instruction:

CZPTal data
Nominal input voltage    170-264VAC one period
Tolerance    +ten%/-ten%
frequency    50/60hz
Fuse     10.0AT
Electrical power consumption    2.5kw

A single Sort of Automatic Powder Coating Gun:


Automatic Powder Painting Robot for Powder Coating Line