Automatic Foil Stamping Die Cutting Machine

Automatic Foil Stamping Die Cutting Machine

we developed 1050FH&sol1060FH&sol1300FH Computerized Foil Stamping Die Chopping Device&comma which is the finest study and development and manufacturing of new equipment with a higher diploma of intelligence&period of time

This equipment adopts numerous advanced pneumatic and servo driving processing technologies from overseas&period of time Following the rigorous assembly high quality control&comma it has benefit of simple operation and risk-free reputable&period of time

It could foil stamping&comma creasing and die chopping following printing products&comma this sort of as much more than 80g&solm2 paper&comma cardboard&comma corrugated paper below 4mm&comma pasting paper&comma laminating paper and so on&period of time

Excellent high quality and style can make machine function stably and security when machine’s speed attain 7500 sheets&solh&time period This equipment will offer you to take pleasure in the comfortable operation and more rapidly return on investment decision&period
Machine features&colon
1&periodFeeder&solFeeding Segment
The design and style of stacker preparatory stage was enhanced&comma it could use prepared auto sheet piling&interval Also could use common hydraulic auto sheet piling to stacker directly&period of time The device has four suction nozzles and 4 sending nozzles in feeder&comma make certain feed easily&period of time Adopt import screw air-blowing unit&comma it could make the sheet send efficiently&period
two&periodFeeding Positioning Part       
The incline-kind paper moving desk top is more suited to large-velocity thin paper and location&period Facet place undertake twin purpose side unit with pull manual and push information&comma accounting to paper choose&comma it helps make swap simpler&interval It could change front increase place arriving reduction of pace device&comma it is advantage of thin paper’s location&interval
three&periodCutting Area&solHorizontal and vertical foil stamping system
Adopt superior technological innovation with single gripper location could adjust the front-and-back again registration&interval Horizontal very hot stamping dual-anxis&solVertical very hot stamping selection of squander foil frame into operation aspect&comma it is gain of procedure&time period twelve electric powered heating places have timing penumatic temperature controller purpose&comma every single area can be controlled independently&period of time It makes foil-offering servo curve tracking the velocity variation of machine in time for utilizing motion controller&period So it could achieve the foil-delivering smoothly&time period
four&periodFoil Stamping&sol Die Cutting Segment
Foil Stamping Plate
Die Cutting Plate
The driving gear guarantees substantial pace of die chopping together&period The pneumatic locking system and air clutch are fast and steady&interval The die chopping frame can avoid the die chopping plate from drooping or separating properly&time period
five&periodQuick Modified Foil Device
 Two shafts in this section
Vertical below foil frame could be pulled out of equipment&comma so that it could make the foil perform more practical&time period
6&periodRewinding System
There has brush rewinding foil operate&time period And it has outfitted with a simple collection waste foil device&interval
7&periodDelivery Part
Supply part insert tester into security system&interval It is outfitted with inset counter&period Employing subsection could modify brush and sheet air-blowing unit&comma so the completed product of shipping and delivery section could product stably&period Gripper push train expanded buffer device&period of time
Other critical features&colon
1&period of time Pneumatic Clutch
The imported higher quality pneumatic clutch reduces sounds and minimizes impact when stopping the device at a high speed&interval
2&time period Lubrication Method
With a programmable lubrication system&comma the accurate control of PLC guarantees balanced lubrication of the equipment&period
3&interval Air Pump
Undertake imported equipment&comma improve the stability of the equipment&comma lower noise&comma large performance&comma long support existence&period
four&period of time Gripper and Chain
The grippers are manufactured of special added hard aluminum alloy&comma with anode remedy on the floor&comma making certain precise die cutting and embossing&comma ect&interval at higher velocity&period The adjustment mechanism&comma patent design guarantees extremely exact management&period of time An imported chain is employed for the principal gripper transmission&comma with strength improved by 45&percnt for exact steadiness and prolonged existence&period

Main Parameters&colon

Model 1050FH
Identify Automatic Foil Stamping Die Cutting Machine
Max&period Sheet Size 1050×750mm
Min&period Sheet Size 400×360mm
Max&period Cutting Range 1040×720mm
Inner CZPT Size 1080×745mm
Die Cutting Steel Plate Size 1080×736mm
Paper Thickness eighty-2000 g&solm2 Cardboard
Corrugated paper≤4mm
Min&period Waster Side Width 8mm
Max&period Mechanical Speed 7500 sheets&solh
Max&period Die Cutting Pressure 300T
Max&period Feeding Pile Height 1550mm
Max&period Delivery Pile Height 1400mm
Total Weight sixteen&period8T
Dimensions 7060&lpar5600&rpar×4669×2230mm
Max&period Foil Stamping Range 1571×600mm
Stamping Temperature Range 0°C-200°C
Heated Plate Power 24kw
Total Power 57kw
Voltage Requirements 380V 50Hz
Air compressor &period8Mpa&comma 0&period36m3&solmin&comma 3kw
Vertical foil stamping section performance specification
Max&period Foil Width 1571mm
Min&period Foil Width 25mm
Max&period Length of Pull Foil 700mm
Max&period Diameter of Foil Φ240mm
Horizontal foil stamping section performance specification
Max&period Foil Width 600mm
Min&period Foil Width 25mm
Max&period Length of Pull Foil 1571mm
Max&period Diameter of Foil Φ200mm

Model 1060FH
Max&period Sheet Size 1060×760mm
Min&period Sheet Size 400×370mm
Max&period Cutting Size 1050×750mm
Inner CZPT Size 1120×790mm
Max&period Foil Stamping Size 1060×740mm
Paper Thickness 80-2000 g&solm2 Cardboard
Corrugated paper≤4mm
Min&period Waster Side Width 8mm
Max&period Mechanical Speed 7500 sheets&solh
Max&period Foil Stamping Speed 5500 sheets&solh
Max&period Die Cutting Pressure 300T
Max&period Feeding Pile Height 1350mm
Max&period Delivery Pile Height 1200mm
Total Weight 17T
Dimensions &lparwith pre-pile device&rpar 7060×4700×2230mm
Heated System Zone twelve
Stamping Temperature Range 0°C-200°C
Foil Feeding Shaft V3&plusH2
Total Power 57kw
Air compressor &period8Mpa&comma &geq0&period6m3&solmin

Model 1300FH
Max&period Sheet Size 1300×960mm
Min&period Sheet Size 450×450mm
Max&period Cutting Size 1290×950mm
Max&period Foil Stamping Size 1280×940mm
Paper Thickness ninety-2000 g&solm2 Cardboard
Corrugated paper≤8mm
Min&period Waster Side Width 8mm
Max&period Mechanical Speed 6500 sheets&solh
Max&period Foil Stamping Speed 5500 sheets&solh
Max&period Die Cutting Pressure 420T
Max&period Feeding Pile Height 1540mm
Max&period Delivery Pile Height 1340mm
Total Weight 24T
Dimensions &lparwith pre-pile device&rpar 9300×5100×2230mm
Heated System Zone 16
Stamping Temperature Range 0°C-200°C
Foil Feeding Shaft V3&plusH2
Total Power 55kw
Air compressor &period8Mpa&comma &geq0&period6m3&solmin

Automatic Foil Stamping Die Cutting Machine