2 Posts Motor Chains Two Decker Car Parking Facility

2 Posts Motor Chains Two Decker Car Parking Facility


HydroPark1123/1127 is the two put up parking lift. It is a kind of valet parking gear, ideal for both business and residential parking purposes. It moves only vertically, so the users have to distinct the floor degree to get the larger amount car down. It is hydraulic driven with chains. The tools can be used for the two sedan & small SUV. 

1. Reduced utilization value
When the platform moves down, it will be driven by gravity — no electricity intake for hydraulic power pack. 

2. Rapidly and straightforward installation
With expert layout and welcoming package, it gets simple on installation. What’s a lot more, detailed set up handbook, drawing and video hooked up with goods will support clients have easier installation function. 

three. Sharing publish feature
The posts could be shared when they are mounted aspect by aspect, which can conserve expense, land room, and container area. 

four. Specialist packing & delivery
We have extremely specialist packaging and logistic people to ensure our consumer will get the product hurt totally free, straightforward load & unload in time. 

five. CZPT driving mode
Many thanks to the hydraulic driving mode, our lift could have a faster lifting velocity. Even however there is electricity failure, the higher auto nevertheless can be retrieved by manually functioning the solenoid valve. 

six. Dynamic locking system
We are oering the safest parking device in the market place, the equipment is developed under the CE regular and there are far more than ten security features to guarantee our clientele will constantly get security. Specifically, there are a range of locking tabs on the posts to protect automobiles from accident damage. 

7. More robust composition
HydroPark 1127 enforced the vital components that carry the excess weight helps make the tools extra robust. 

eight. Lock down button
Person could press LOCK DOWN button to make system descend a little and sit on locking tab right after platform go up to prime place, to make cylinder “relaxation” CZPT any strain. As a result the hydraulic cylinder could be employed for for a longer time time. 

nine. Back in CZPT for automobile doorway opening simply
The post and system was re-developed to make again in CZPT, which will assist folks a lot to open vehicle door very easily when a car is parked on the system. 

Manufacturing Processing

Principal Features (rewards): 
one. By sharing column, the whole width of the merchandise have distinct figure. 
2. If your ceiling peak is more than four.4meters, we could use single stage cylinder to cut cost for you. 
three. The standard method is powder coated with zinc include plate, and can be galvanized for out of doors use. 
4. Mechanical lock on the two sides for protection. 
five. Photocell sensor CZPT for electric lock release variety to check out below vehicle and keep away from trespass. 
6 Audio & light alarm during reducing the system. (Optional)
seven. CZPT safety for energy more than load or underneath voltage. 
eight. Automobile locking system for electrical power cut as safety characteristics. 
9. Emergency stop button. 
ten. Explosion aid valve make positive hydraulic security. 
eleven. Harmony chain for platform synchronization. 
twelve. Cylinder direct push. 
thirteen. Overhead beam for much more security (Optional, advise to use when install unbiased device)
fourteen. Galvanized cover plate utilized for drinking water-evidence, anti-rust, anti-slip. 


HydroPark1127 Requirements
Mortise and tenon joint Composition (Patented) Indeed
CZPT direct push total vacation cylinders increase 4 times safty rate than the normal chain driving program and reduce the maintence value by fifty percent.  Y
Two cylinder lifting layout offer sleek operation and basic safety safety Y
Multilink composition merge all the paking spaces as a whole lessen the ground requiremnet, improve safety comapre with the solitary parking space Y
3 locking position fasten the procedure pace and make manual locking launch much more convenience to use Y
17 locking situation provide mechanical security through all operation top Y
CZPT safety lock stop the achievable demage may caused by hose burst Y
Synchronization chain assure the lifting platform balance also make it feasible for the raise to be installed on ground with slight incline. In the unlikely celebration of construction failure, synchronization chain will operate as a safety device to holding failure until it is repaired.  Y
Anti-slip corrugated deck defend each motor vehicle and driver from possible slip and deamage but nevertheless higher-heel shoe friendly Y
a hundred and fifty% basic safety reserve on construction power Y
Reduced need on flooring and base suit diverse utilizing issue Y
Thermal security conserve motor from above heating and attainable burn with low good quality energy source.  Y
CZPT reduction valve boundaries maxmum hydraulic pressure to steer clear of over ability of lift Y
Air crack switch can instantly reduce off the electric powered circuit when occur more than load, short circuit, voltage drop.  Y
Hold to run manage button averted person misoperation Y
220V Handle option is CZPT, to give an effortless energy connection and minimize servicing value Y
Lockable learn switch only allow authorized operator to be able to use lift Y
Upper limit swap postion the top of system and handle the platform greatest place Y
Auto detection photocell 100% defend the ground degree car even with misoperation Y
Anti toe perform with a lower restrict sensor to safeguard operator’s toe and foot by stoping platform just before it get to floor stage then request operator validate to decrease to the floor.  Y
2.7T capacity for Suvs and vehicles Y
Outdoor version CZPT with galavernization for longer equipment lifestyle Y
Smooth and peaceful operation with hydraulic technique Y
Drive up cylinder for lengthier lift of seal pack Y
Telescoping cylinder for reduced ceiling height need Y
Polyurethane hoses for hydraulic make layout less complicated.  Y
Fast operation velocity requires significantly less waiting time Y
Quick double parking space entirely use the parking area in a limited spot Y
Shared column to save valuable place for your auto Y
Much more room for door opening when parked again in Y
Very hot-galvanize platfrom promise a long elevate of the deck even with h2o or snow impact Y
Rain or soften drinking water can only exit from the end of the platform to preserve your fabric from fall drinking water Y
Automatic lock release management in the course of reduced down procedure make lift can be used by buyer with limited knowledge.  Y
Extensive information set up handbook and video clip assist you install easily Y
No lifting chain or pulley need to be managed Y
Undertaking packing with specific style for rapidly installation Y
Minimal electrical manage for decrease installation cost Y
Run in excess of ramp for achievable trans go installation Y


HydroPark1127 collection
Parking automobiles 2
Lifting/lowering time (seconds) < 40 ~ 45
Energy (hydraulic electricity in Kw) two.two / 3.
Generate mode CZPT cylinder direct generate
Operation manner Important change
Lock releasing method 24V electrical lock launch
HydroPark1127 CZPT product
Lifting capacity (kg) 2700
Lifting top (mm) 2100
Anti-slipping protection lock postion All way
Lifting ability (kg) 2300
Lifting height (mm) 2100
Anti-falling basic safety lock postion All way
Lifting capability (kg) 3200
Lifting height (mm) 2100
Anti-slipping protection lock postion All way

2 Posts Motor Chains Two Decker Car Parking Facility