150*72 Rubber Track for Mini Excavator Track

150*72 Rubber Track for Mini Excavator Track

About Us

Prior to Gator Observe factory, we are AIMAX, trader for rubber tracks for in excess of fifteen a long time. Drawing from our expertise in this discipline, to better provide our buyers, we felt the urge to construct a manufacturing unit of our very own, not in pursuit of amount we can market, but of each and every excellent observe we created and make it count.
In 2015, Gator Observe was started with the help of wealthy seasoned engineers. Our first monitor was developed on 8th, March, 2016.  For the total developed 50 containers in 2016, so considerably only 1 declare for one laptop.
As a model new factory, we have all brand new toolings for most of the measurements for excavator tracks, loader tracks, dumper tracks, ASV tracks and rubber pads. Most not too long ago we’ve extra a new creation line for snow cell tracks and robot tracks. Via tear and sweat, pleased to see we are increasing.
We seem CZPT to the chance to receive your business and a lengthy, lasting connection.

Excessive Toughness & Performance

Our joint cost-free keep track of composition, Unique made tread pattern, a hundred% virgin rubber,and 1 piece forging insert metal consequence severe sturdiness & overall performance and longer services existence for development products use. Gator Observe tracks execute a large degree of reliability and top quality with our latest technological innovation in mildew tooling and rubber formulation.

Technical specs

dimensions width*pitch backlinks measurement width*pitch back links dimensions width*pitch backlinks
a hundred thirty*seventy two 29-forty 250*109 35-38 B350*55K 70-88
150*sixty 32-40 260*52.five seventy four-80 350*56 80-86
150*72 29-forty 260*55.5K seventy four-eighty 350*seventy two.5KM 62-76
a hundred and seventy*sixty thirty-forty Y260*96 38-41 350*seventy three sixty four-seventy eight
180*sixty thirty-40 V265*seventy two 34-sixty 350*75.5K 74
a hundred and eighty*seventy two 31-forty three 260*109 35-39 350*108 forty-46
180*72K 32-48 E280*fifty two.5K 70-88 350*109 forty one-44
one hundred eighty*72KM thirty-forty six 280*72 45-sixty four Y320*107K 39-41
one hundred eighty*72YM thirty-forty six V280*72   400*72.5N 70-80
B180*seventy two 31-43 Y280*106K 35-forty two four hundred*72.5W 68-ninety two
H180*72 thirty-fifty three hundred*fifty two.5N seventy two-98 Y400*seventy two.5K 72-74
T180*seventy two   300*fifty two.5W seventy two-ninety two KB400*seventy two.5K sixty eight-seventy six
V180*72K 30-fifty 300*52.5K 70-88 400*seventy two.5KW sixty eight-92
190*60 30-40 300*52.5KW 72-ninety two four hundred*seventy three sixty four-78
one hundred ninety*72 31-41 E300*52.5K 70-88 four hundred*seventy four sixty eight-76
200*72 34-forty seven KB300*fifty two.five seventy two-ninety two 400*75.5K seventy four
200*72K 37-forty seven KB300*fifty two.5N 72-98 Y400*107K forty six
Y200*seventy two 40-52 JD300*fifty two.5N 72-98 four hundred*78  
230*forty eight sixty-84 three hundred*53K 80-96 K400*142 36-37
230*48A sixty-84 300*fifty five 70-88 four hundred*one hundred forty four 36-forty one
230*48K sixty-eighty four three hundred*55YM 70-88 Y400*144K 46-forty one
230*seventy two forty two-fifty six 300*55.5K seventy six-eighty two 450*71 seventy six-88
B230*72K 34-sixty three hundred*71K 72-76 DW450*71 76-88
230*72K forty two-56 three hundred*72 36-40 450*73.five seventy six-eighty four
V230*72K forty two-fifty six BA300*72 36-46 450*seventy six 80-eighty four
W230*72   300*109N 35-42 450*81N seventy two-80
230*ninety six thirty-48 three hundred*109W 35-forty four 450*81W 72-78
230*a hundred and one thirty-36 K300*109 37-forty one KB450*81.5 seventy two-eighty
250*47K 84 300*109WK 35-42 K450*eighty three.five 72-seventy four
250*48.5K eighty-88 320*52.5 72-ninety eight Y450*83.5K 72-74
250*fifty two.five 72-78 320*54 70-84 K450*163 38
250*fifty two.5N 72-seventy eight B320*55K 70-88 485*92W seventy four
250*fifty two.5K 72-seventy eight Y320*106K 39-forty three K500*seventy one seventy two-seventy six
250*seventy two 47-fifty seven 350*fifty two.5 70-92 five hundred*92 72-84
B250*72 34-60 E350*52.5K 70-88 five hundred*92W seventy eight-84
B250*72B 34-sixty 350*fifty four.5K eighty-86 K500*146 35
250*96 35-38        

How to validate a alternative rubber keep track of measurement:

First consider to see if the dimensions is stamped alongside the within of the observe.
If you can’t discover the rubber track dimensions stamped on the observe, Pls tell the blow info to us:

  1. The make, product, and year of the car
  2. The Rubber Track Dimensions = Width(E) x Pitch x Number of Hyperlinks (described underneath)

Solution Guarantee
All our rubber tracks are made with a serial Quantity, we may possibly trace the product day from the serial Amount.

It is normally 1year factory guarantee from manufacturing day, or 1200 working hrs.



150*72 Rubber Track for Mini Excavator Track